Monday, May 17, 2010

30. The Queen of the Sword: the Second Book of Corum by Michael Moorcock

The second book now finds the balance of power ever so slightly shifted in Law's favour. However, Corum's blow against the Knight of the Swords has alerted the chaos gods above him and they are accelerating their attempts to dominate the planes. The story continues in a similar vein, except with a slightly wider scope as Corum gains a more-permanent seeming sidekick, a dude with colourful clothes and a flying cat who hints that he and Corum have partnered together on many adventures in different times and dimensions throughout all of eternity, it's just that they don't always know it or remember.

Good stuff as per the first with a pretty cool psychedelic climax (though just a hint of the deus ex machina for the victory this time). I look forward to the battle against the Kind of the Swords.

(I keep having this juvenile reflex of telling one of my friends that "your favorite fantasy author is Michale More-Cock.")

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