Saturday, December 30, 2006

29. Les Enragés by David Chauvel and Erwan Le Saec

Les Enragés is the story of a retired professional hitman who against his better judgement comes back to do a final job. Of course he gets screwed by his employers and while on the run, crosses paths with a tough Chicano gangbanger who is also over his head in his own crime world. They are joined by a young woman killer who was sent to get the original hitman. The three of them travel across America, escaping from the badguys, fighting with each other and eventually coming to respect one another.

Les Enragés is very much in the french tradition of respecting and emulating the American gangster genre. The portrait of the ghetto and the cops all has a slightly off feel (though this may be emphasised because they are speaking french). But it's not off in a bad or obviously false way, just sort of foreign. Both the hitman and the young gangster are pretty badass characters. The story overall is also really cool. It's a testimony to outsiders and you root for them the whole way.

Les Enragés cover picture

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Anonymous said...

I envy all the graphic novels that you read this year. It made me think that i'll need to pick up a bunch before I head back to China. English books are hard to get, and graphic novels (excpet for the absolute biggest names) are totally unavailable. If I might recommend a few of my favorites ( i don't remember if you've read these or not, but....)...

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1&2
Flight 1&2
Black Orchid
Signal to Noise

and of course- if you haven't read the Sandman series, they are simply out of this world. I can't recommend them highly enough.