Sunday, December 02, 2007

41. Somebody Owes Me Money

somebody picture

I read this book actually about a month ago and completely forgot about it. It had been in my on deck lineup for a while (possibly through the Mt. Benson report). I'm a huge Westlake fan, particularily his Parker books under the Richard Stark Pseudonym. His earlier novels often show little flashes of the granite hardness and cynical criminal knowledge of that incomparable series, so I always like to read them. Somebody Owes Me Money was much more in the light vein, with a lot of emphasis on the life of a humble NYC cabbie and gambler. It was wrapped around a not that intriguing mystery and the kind of clever idea that the murdered guy was the protagonist's bookie who owed him on a big win. In order to get paid, the hero has to solve the mystery. It passed the time. Got me to #41.

In looking for a picture for this book, I'm a little surprised to discover that Hard Case Crime is re-publishing it. I'm not sure it merits it. But I'm glad for any extra money that gets into Westlake's pocket. He deserves it. The copy I read is an old Signet paperback from 1971.

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