Saturday, April 25, 2009

15. Branded Woman by Wade Miller

Branded Woman pictureFound this Hard Case Crime paperback used at a great used bookstore in Seattle that the Lantzvillager had sussed out. It's the story of Cay Morgan, beautiful but hardened jewel smuggler who is on the path of revenge. In a deal gone sour 5 years ago, a mysterious criminal mastermind known only as "The Trader" had caught her and branded her forehead with a big "T". At the start of the book, she caught wind that he was going to be in Mazatlan, Mexico doing a deal and she heads there to find and kill him.

She (and the reader) soon find out that there is a lot going on in and around this Mexican town. As she digs deeper, she meets a rich range of sleazy characters. The plot is complicated, but the narrative is driven straight by Cay's intense personality and desire for revenge. She really is a great character, tough and ruthless, but conflicted and unhappy. She uses all her feminine wiles to achieve her goals, but she is never hesitant to throw down. There are some great fight scenes. Wade Miller is the pseudonym for a couple and the passages that describe Cay's outfits and the effect she intends with them seem to come from a woman's perspective. Revealing stuff!

The descriptions of the hot, seaside town and its lively culture are also really well done. You get a strong sense of being there. This is the same couple that wrote Touch of Evil, a movie that captures that feeling as well. An excellent pulp.

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