Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year-end wrap up

This wrap-up is actually being written February 6, 2013.  My extreme slow-down in reading that characterized the second half of 2012 continued on into the new year and I have had a hell of a time getting focused and getting reading and writing.

Despite the second half collapse, one has to consider 2012 another 50 books victory for Olman.  I think I sensed troubled waters ahead early in the year and cranked out as much as I could.  I also had the advantage of a 3-month secondment in San Francisco with a long commute and not much of a social or home life (and a mother making me dinner almost every night).  But that all ended when I came back to Montreal in July and decided that I wanted to live life rather than read about it.  On top of that, work got really busy and I sucessfully reproduced (with a not insignificant contribution from my wife on that score).  Thus you have the graph below:

Not something I would want to take to potential investors looking to buy into a 50-book blog for 2013!  Still, 67 books is my 3rd highest total since I started in 2005.  Even more important, since I started, I am now averaging over 50 books a year (52.25 to be precise) which was my real goal.  Now I just have to keep that going.

My highlight for 2012 was the discovery of Ursula K. Leguin.  She basically kicks ass at every level a nerdy reader like me could want (great writer, genre, awesome personal politics and just super cool all around) and on top of it there is the bonus that she is a female, which whittles away ever so slightly at my hyper-masculine reading habits.

Not sure what 2013 will bring.  My on-deck shelf is sagging once again.  I am dedicated to cutting into that.  Theme-wise, I have no special goals.  I guess just consistency and another 50 books.  Onward!

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