Tuesday, August 11, 2015

21. Under Stone, Over Sea by Susan Cooper

(written Dec 26, 2015 catching up)

I have been meaning to read these books for a while and found the first one in the library.  I never read these as an adolescent, but wish that I had.  It's a story of a family spending the summer with their great uncle by the seaside and stumbling upon adventure connected to him and his mysterious past.  What I love about this genre of British adolescent adventure is both the sense of the slow discovery of something exciting going on around them (because they are left on their own) and the real threat that the bad guys can deliver.  This one delivers both.

(My nephew had read the first two and got the last 3 for xmas, which made me realize that there are 5 books in the series. What is frustrating is that I have not been able to find all 5 in the same format and it is often unclear in any given volume which number it is in the series.)

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