Wednesday, March 31, 2021

13. Kingdom of Gods: Book 3 of the Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin

I really had a hard time getting through the final book of this trilogy.  Part of it was me, I was preparing to travel back to Canada and quite distracted about covid and getting through the border and leaving my elderly parents.  I wanted to finish the trilogy so I wouldn't have to carry the monster tome (all 3 books were in a single volume) back with me.  I had also hoped that some deep fantasy would help me escape from my mental gyrations.  It definitely did not work in this case. so I really just churned through it rather than truly enjoying it.

Trying to be objective about the content, I think that though the storylines in all 3 books connect, there is not really an overarching narrative that unites them.  They are just one saga after another about how the gods relationships evolve and then impact the human world.  The world-building was really cool here and seemed to have a lot more potential as now we have Godlings and Demons alive in the world of humans.  Unfortunately, the book is all about Sieh, who was annoying and whiny in the first two.  Now we get an entire book via first person of this perpetually dissatisfied character who basically also loses his agency as he becomes mortal. A lot of really crazy stuff happens, but we barely experience it as most of the story is about his relationship with his dad and mom and uncle and potential lover.  It just didn't do it for me.  

I have the first book of the Broken Earth trilogy and was kind of hoping I could just give it away as it is thick and taking up a precious two inches on my overloaded on-deck shelf.  Unfortunately or fortunately, I discovered that the internet strongly recommends reading it if you didn't like the Inheritance trilogy, many people who couldn't even finish the Inheritance Trilogy loved the Broken Earth.  So on the shelf it stays!

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